Opening Spread Betting Account

In order to start making money from spread betting, you need to open a spread betting account with one of the major spread betting companies.

It is common to thing that one spread betting account is enough, however this assumption is incorrect and even wrong. Financial spread betting companies tend to offer ongoing promotions to keep their players playing. This is a good enough reason to have a few accounts active to enjoy as many promotions as possible.

Opening a spread betting account is easy, all it takes is a few minutes and your details. It’s important to enter your real details when you sign up. If you enter fake details, you may not be able to deposit money and even worse, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

spread betting account

Even if you do manage to open an account, you might be needed to supply documents such as billing documents or a copy of your payment method (credit card) and some time a copy of your ID. This is needed to prevent payment fraud and make sure the person betting is the person paying.

Once you begin playing you might start receiving promotional offers by mail and maybe even be contacted by a personal account manager which will give you tips and offers.

Be sure to open your account with a respectful company. You can read reviews about the company you are registering with, the internet is full of comments about the various online spread betting companies.
You might want to see a license to deal with spread betting (UK only) and in this case you know you are in good hands and most likely to get paid your winnings. In addition you need to make sure the spread betting company has 24/7 support – you wouldn’t want to get stuck with nobody to talk to when you need one.

Don’t be afraid to pay online. Many does it and it’s perfectly secure (look for the lock sign in your browser and you will note that it exist in most betting sites – SSL secure sign). If you don’t want to use your personal payment method online which is perfectly fine, there are other ways such as anonymous pre paid cards or other payment methods such as western union which will keep your identity private and your payment method secured.

To summarize this article – don’t settle for just one account with a spread betting company as you might miss out on great promotions, don’t use fake details and don’t be afraid to use your payment method to pay online.